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Monday, May 15, 2017

Eyes on Adult Art!

The Higgins Education Wing will again exhibit artwork created by WAM’s adult students as a part of the Studio Art Program’s classes from May 12 – June 4. Our annual Adult Student Art Exhibition presents over 90 works of art by WAM artists in the areas of collage, collagraph, acrylic and oil painting, photography, mixed media, printmaking, and more. The exhibition features a wide range of visual practices, spanning many genres and media.

Our philosophy places value on the process of creating art and learning to think and respond creatively. We provide an environment where students can explore other cultures through our outstanding collection of artworks from antiquities to contemporary art. Students will have the opportunity to try new materials and gain self-confidence. All artists, not just those with perceived talents, benefit from working with art materials and learning about self expression.

The exhibition is free and open to the public. The Higgins Education Wing is open Sunday–Saturday, 9am–5pm. Register for a Studio Art Class with Worcester Art Museum to be eligible for our next student exhibitions! WAM’s Summer session for adult starts July 10th.

Click here for more information about WAM faculty and their classes

- Ashley Occhino,  Manager of Studio Class Programs

Image: Frank J Pozzi (Student), Eye On You

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

WAM & WPI Medieval Collaboration

Hi, we’re four students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and we’ve spent the last seven weeks conducting research in collaboration with WAM's Arms and Armor Curator, Jeffrey Forgeng. You may have seen us surveying in the Medieval or Asian Galleries lately—we've been researching how the touch interactives in the Medieval Galleries add to the museumgoing experience. We also developed a new trivia game in the Medieval Gallery so you can come and Test your Knightly Knowledge! And check out the link below to enjoy our video showcasing some of the fun to be had at WAM. We hope you enjoy your experience in the Medieval galleries as much as we did!

Learn more about Reinstallation of the Medieval Galleries

- Kyle Carrero, Jake Halverson, Allyson Mills, Amanda Richards

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