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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Be Heard!

When you visit the Worcester Art Museum we ask you for your zip code. Beyond that we don’t know much about you, or for that matter how you enjoyed your visit.

To learn more about you, our visitors, including how you use and enjoy the Museum and how you think we could improve the visitor experience, we’ve installed a series of iPad terminals throughout the Museum. You may have already noticed them.

On these iPads, we ask a series of questions that should take about two to three minutes to answer. The answers can be completely anonymous; however, survey participants who provide us with their email addresses will be eligible to win a one year Museum membership. 

Why is this information important to us?  We use visitor feedback for planning future exhibitions, programs, and visitor services.  Connecting art with individual experiences, joy, and discovery is a crucial part of our 2020 Vision Statement.  Your input on our new visitor surveys will help us accomplish that!

I hope you will visit soon.  When you do, please stop by one of the iPad Surveys, and share your thoughts about WAM!


Adam Rozan

Director of Audience Engagement

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