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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Seeking Submissions: Community Cats Exhibition

Have you heard? This summer, the Worcester Art Museum will be invaded by CATS! Throughout a number of galleries and spaces in the Museum, from May 21 - September 4, this cat-mania will include an exhibition exploring the feline as an iconic element of art, a self-guided "cat walk" through the Museum, an interactive installation featuring live cats, a kitty take-over of Helmutt's House, a dog show curated by Helmutt, and special art classes.

A key component of Meow will also be a community art show entitled Community Cats. This project is held in collaboration with the Worcester Animal Rescue League (WARL). Artists, collectors, and cat-enthusiasts are encouraged to submit a work of art they have created or collected to Community Cats. This exhibition will display the broad artistic interpretations of this beloved theme. Whether the work of art was created in memory of a longtime pet, is an interpretive study, or is the centerpiece of your own private art collection, the Worcester Art Museum hopes to showcase the cat artworks held within the Worcester community.

The entry fee is a $10 suggested donation, which will be split equally to support two non-profits: the Education Programs of the Worcester Art Museum, and the care of animals at the Worcester Animal Rescue League (WARL).

 Want to learn more? Please review and fill out our Intent to Submit and Liability Form.

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- Katrina Stacy, Associate Curator of Education

Image: Jessica Walsh, Olivia, 2009. Entry for "Community Cats" exhibition.

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