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Friday, May 13, 2016

Hello Families—We’ve Got Two Spaces For You!

In most cities, parking is a constant conversation; a never-ending problem with no immediate solutions in sight. Parking at most museums is also something that’s often challenging, and can even be the ruin of what should be a positive outing.

The Worcester Art Museum continues to provide free guest parking, which we know is a great benefit in visiting the institution. On our busy days, we recognize that even our 3 free parking lots fill quickly, with the closest spaces filling immediately. To help provide better customer service for families, we’ve added two reserved parking spaces: one spot in our Salisbury Street parking lot and another in the Tuckerman parking lot. We have received feedback from families with young children and expecting mothers who particularly struggle with the complex floorplan of our facility; we hope that this will be of special benefit to you.

Best, and happy parking!

Click here to view our Kids + Family page

- Adam Rozan,  Director of Audience Engagement

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