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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Real Helmutt is here!!!

Pictured above: Armor for a boar hound, 1942, in the style of the 1500s, 2014.84.2

Like most good things, it was worth the wait. Helmutt, the dog is once again wagging his tail and showing off his armor at the Worcester Art Museum. Based on an original in the Spanish Royal Armory, this armor for a hunting dog was crafted by Leonard Heinrich, armorer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Heinrich gave it to John Woodman Higgins in 1943, and for seven decades, Helmutt welcomed visitors to the Higgins Armory Museum.

Helmutt, the armor-wearing dog inspired WAM’s comic version of Helmutt and Helmutt’s House in Knights! Families can enjoy visiting the “real” Helmutt in the Lancaster Lobby, explore Helmutt’s House in Knights!, and then see how many more Helmutts they can find throughout the galleries.

Learn more about Helmutt!

- Marcia Lagerwey, Curator of Education

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