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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ask a Curator Day

Have you ever wondered how exhibitions at the Worcester Art Museum are put together? 
Would you like to know what the museum acquired as its first object? 
Are you curious about the day-to-day life of a curator?

Hear directly from WAM curators themselves on Ask a Curator Day! You ask, we answer. To participate, tweet your questions to @WorcesterArt on Wednesday, September 16, from 11am-5pm EST with the hashtag


Standing by to answer your questions are…

Jon L. Seydl, Director of Curatorial Affairs and Curator of European Art
Tweet sign-off: jls
Expertise: Medieval to 20th century European art; Ancient Greek and Roman art.

Jeffrey Forgeng, Curator of Arms & Armor and Medieval Art
Tweet sign-off: jlf
Expertise: Hand-to-hand esthetics.

Nancy Burns, Assistant Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs
Tweet sign-off: nkb
Expertise: Prints and drawings after 1850; the history of photography.

Katrina Stacy, Assistant Curator of Education
Tweet sign-off: ks
Expertise: Interpreting WAM’s outstanding encyclopedic collection of art; engaging audiences from birth to old age.

Justin M. Brown, Curatorial Assistant in American Art
Tweet sign-off: jmb
Expertise: Pre-20th century American painting; race and American visual culture.

Karysa K. Norris, Curatorial Assistant
Tweet sign-off: kkn
Expertise: Wrangling curators.

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