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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

MCC’s UP-Innovative and Learning Network

Hard to believe, but WAM is nearing completion of the inaugural year of participation in the UP-Innovative Learning Network (ILN) program organized by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. And what an eye-opening, learning experience it has been for WAM’s UP-ILN team!

During the first 10 months of the UP-ILN program, WAM has served as host site for two UP-ILN events; participated in five all-day seminars at fellow UP-ILN institutions state-wide; been the subject of three user-expert site evaluations (two of physical facilities and one of its website); prepared a Webinar follow-up to our site evaluation; collaborated with our “partner-facility”, The Berkshire Museum, to develop Universal Accessibility protocols for our respective facilities; prepared a Logic Model of short term Universal Accessibility goals; and learned from industry experts in immersion workshops about Universal Design, ADA standards for historic buildings and landscapes, Website Accessibility and Graphic Standards for Print & Web, Inclusive Social Media and Social Stories; Technologies for Assisted Hearing and Vision; and finally Disability Etiquette.

As a result of these learning experiences, WAM’s UP-ILN team has developed a series of near-term, mid-term, and long-term objectives. Design and planning are already underway on several of these initiatives. Some will be rolled-out in the coming months. Additionally, WAM is developing a series of internal Universal Accessibility workshops for staff and volunteers. Watch for further details.

In the words of MCC Executive Director Anita Walker, “UP is not a destination, it is a direction.” One very valuable lesson learned by the UP-ILN team this year is that UP is a “state-of-mind”. It requires a new way of thinking for many “abled” people, but once achieved Universal Accessibility goals are often easily obtainable.

WAM will be conducting a visitor survey within the next two months to measure changes in perception regarding Universal Accessibility. Please help us by completing this survey.

Learn more about the UP-Innovative Learning Network (ILN) program

- Trip Anderson, Grants Officer

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