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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Museum Selfie Day

What’s so great about the museum selfie?

Everything! While the question may be rhetorical, the answer is certainly not. What I love about museum selfies is that these photographs celebrate one’s museum visit and champion the idea of play and discovery across our institution. The act of taking selfies encourages all visitors to become explorers inside our galleries and museum spaces, as they search out the artworks that appeal to them and inspire their best photographs. This creative investigation of our galleries breathes new life and imagination into the museum experience.

Visiting a museum is a chance to dream and reflect, to learn and explore our past and present, and to connect with family and friends. No two museums are alike and no two museum visits are the same. Some museum visitors come to talk and socialize, others come to sketch. Some visitors read all the labels, while others swear by the audio tours. There is no one right or wrong way to visit a museum. Taking photographs inside galleries appeals to many visitors, but it’s not for everyone. And that’s OK, too.

Please join us in celebrating the experience of the museum selfie, and visit on Wednesday, January 20 to celebrate Museum Selfie Day. Share your pictures, and remember to include #MuseumSelfie and @worcesterart with your photos.

To help you with this experience, we’ve prepared some tips for smart and helpful strategies for taking photographs inside the museum. Check out those tips here.

- Adam Rozan, Director of Audience Engagement

p.s. Special thanks to the Royal Ontario Museum for help in creating our selfie guidelines, and to Mar Dixon for championing Museum Selfie Day.

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