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Friday, November 11, 2016

WAM’s 3rd Annual Gingerbread Castle Competition

This December, WAM once again continues a beloved tradition inherited from the Higgins Armory Museum – the Gingerbread Castle Competition!  A host of local bakers, professional and amateur alike, will present their confectionary masterpieces in Stephen Salisbury Hall from December 11 to 18. Come by the Museum to admire them and vote for your favorites. The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday December 18 at 3:30pm. 

Winners will be awarded the following prizes:
People’s Choice: WAM Membership and Medal
Best Youth (12 & under): WAM Youth Art Class and Medal
Best Business Partner: choice of Gift Business Partner Membership or Gift Family Membership
Best Professional: $250
Runner-up Professional: Medal
Best Amateur: $100
Runner-up Amateur: Medal

Interested in competing? We welcome castle architects of all ages and abilities. Castles will be judged in four categories; professional, amateur, Business Partner and youth. Use your imagination to interpret “castle” however you wish – the only rule is that all building materials must be edible. Deadline for submissions is November 28. 

Click here for more details or to download an application

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- Megan Blomgren Burgess, Public Event Coordinator


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