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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

WAM Superlatives Wall encourages "best" thinking

This May we launched a new way to engage visitors with works in the WAM collection.  Located just inside the Higgins Education Wing on the first floor, our “Superlatives Wall” presents a different topic each month and encourages guests to vote for their favorite work of art in various categories. Guests are also encouraged to comment on WHY they voted for an artwork. Our first question was “Which event would you rather attend?” We pitted Model of a Ball Game, 1947.25; The Discovery of Honey by Bacchus, 1937.76; and These Days of Maiuma, against each other. Over 300 people voted and over 60 comments were left; the winner was Model of a Ball Game with 43% of the vote.  

Almost as soon as the images were up, our wall started filling up with votes and comments. The wall changes monthly, to make room for a new question — but don’t worry; we’re keeping track of all the feedback, hoping to learn what in our collection most intrigues and inspires our guests.

Below are some of the most thought-provoking comments so far:

The Discovery of Honey by Bacchus:

  • Diversity appears to be welcome!
  • It is a great piece of art and there are so many details! I could look at it for hours.
  • I like this painting because it reminds me of freedom.
  • Because it seems that everybody is having fun!
  • Because I am interested in Greek Mythology.
Model of a Ball Game (see above):
  • The crowd looks like they are having normal conversations and everyone seems happy and well fed.
  • Because it's an interesting subject.
  • Very intrigued by the Mayan culture and artifacts!
  • Because it interests me and I play ball.
  • Ancient relics reveal hidden truths.

 These Days of Maiuma

  • would want to know what its true meaning is.
  • Hunting theme that relates to the mosaic.
  • Because beautiful chaos is my jam!
  • I like it because it shows an accurate representation of the world today!
  • It shows what humanity looks like!
  • Because the piece is in a style that I live and everyone lives a little chaos!

The next time you are at WAM, look for the Superlatives Wall and let us know what YOU think!

Megan Blomgren Burgess
Public Events Coordinator

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