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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Turn to art for perspective

Winslow Homer, The Gale, 1883-1893, oil on canvas, 1916.48

Dear Members and Friends of WAM,

Art through the ages often reflects uncertain times--such as the present--either by highlighting them or by suggesting different narratives and points of view. When you visit museums like the Worcester Art Museum, with art collections from a wide timeline and range of cultures, you will find scenes of war, suffering, and human struggle in all walks of life. Our arms and armor collection--one of the world's strongest--is a testimony to the human desire to establish order in an unpredictable world. Our Colonial portraits show the longing for stability in an era of extreme hardship. The Buddha heads in our Asian galleries project serenity, while history suggests a different reality.

During unsettling times, art also helps us cope. Scenes of violence and loss can put our own troubles into reassuring perspective, while images of beauty can give us a sense of refuge and calm. The Worcester Art Museum's collections encompass the breadth and universality of our shared human experience, which nurture our hope for the future.

Although we are closed (like every other museum in the country), WAM is still your museum, and it is still here for you. You may be unable to walk through the galleries right now, but you can still experience the transformative power of art through our website and social media platforms. If you are not already following us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, I invite you to join us there where we are actively sharing images, insights, and opportunities for you to enjoy the WAM collection in a whole new way.

We appreciate our city's leadership and our community's support during this challenging time. Many people have reached out to ask how they can help while the Museum is closed. Please consider making a gift to the WAM Fund. Your support will help us continue to fulfill our mission of "connecting people, communities, and cultures via the experience of art" while we are closed.

All of us at the Worcester Art Museum thank you for your ongoing support and wish you and your families well. Together, we will overcome our problems--just as many previous generations have so ably done.


Matthias Waschek
Jean and Myles McDonough Director

 P.S. Donate to the WAM Fund online by clicking here.

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